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We begin with an offer for parents and teens to get an informed, objective and personalized opinion. Simply book your 30 minute consultation and send information about the problem to Ms. Peck using the downloaded form.  When the consultation is held online, you will have time for a problem solving discussion and recommendations for action.

This is the opportunity to get sound advice from a certified teacher and parent. It is suggested for parents of struggling teens who are not sure how to resolve their problem.  Ms. Peck can deliver new ideas for creative solutions.  Additional coaching is optional and designed to help you create work plans and accomplish goals.

31 Day Smart Start

Teen Challenge

Ms. Peck developed a 31 day program of personal growth, goal setting and daily exercises to transform struggling students into purpose-driven students.

90 Day Academic Allstar


As a certified teacher, Ms. Peck is able to connect with your student's current courses and coach them to success.

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