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90 Day Academic Allstar

90 Day Academic Allstar


Use our certified teaching expertise and personalized coaching for 90 days and create a more rewarding future.

This opportunity to connect with students and teachers and academic curriculum is our full coaching program.  We work with students to discover hidden interests and connect with a variety of resources to start marching toward graduation. 


We developed this 90 day solution to connect with your school calendar and academic curriculum.

As a Florida certified teacher, Ms. Peck can turnaround student lives by connecting with the courses at school. Our initial 31 Day Smart Start Challenge gets the student on a path to success. These additional 60 days builds upon the skills and critical thinking with weekly coaching sessions throughout the school semester.

This opportunity for academic growth includes working with a student’s needs, current classes and teachers. With a new focus on positive goals and 90 days coaching to stay on track, your teen starts working toward graduation and beyond TODAY.

Ask Ms. Peck to help your student learn the academic and personal growth skills every student needs to establish a strong future.


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