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The curriculum is designed as a MTSS Tier 2+3 Intervention for struggling Freshmen and Sophomores in high school. The how-to instructions make it easy to implement the Tier-2 once a week, coaching sessions - either by group or individually.

Intensive daily support is possible for Tier-3 in private sessions. Ms. Peck wants to host the event with students online, or onsite in FLA, contact for options to fit every school's need.


  • Turn-Key for Teachers - The Co-Teacher Curriculum Guide and student Handbooks are available for volume purchasing. Includes access to SSC website for digital resources and a student community.
    • Empower each location to host on their own schedule, or coordinate a district wide event
    • Integrates easily with School Improvement Plans for MTSS, ELA/SS standards based
  • Turn-Key for Students  - Hire Ms. Peck for weekly group coaching. Schools invite targeted students, the Homeroom for Success sessions are 30 minutes to an hour long and occur 5 times
    • Provide support to students immediately - create student invitation list and begin production
    • Implements MTSS with Tier 2 intervention via daily email submissions from students
  • Intensive Intervention for Students - Engage Ms. Peck for individualized, daily coaching. Schools invite students for a private 15 minute Homeroom for Success occurring 31 times. 
    • Flexible to schedule now and throughout the year adding to SIP results
    • Personalized interaction with qualified English Language Arts teacher for Tier-3 intervention

Homeroom for Success

Ms. Peck publishes All-Star Teaching to recognize the power of transformation every teacher possesses.

All-Star Teaching – A Memoir and Method for Success

Ask Ms. Peck is happy to invite and empower teachers to bring this unique teaching style to every struggling student.

If you are feeling burnout or frustrated,

All-Star Teaching will energize you and restore your passion.

Ms. Peck has earned a reputation as a highly-effective and award winning high school English teacher. In her classroom, every student can become successful thanks to a simple philosophy and formula for growth. Ms. Peck put teaching on hold to create a transformative MTSS program for her students and now shares the inspiration and guidance for any frustrated, or struggling teacher.

The All-Star Teaching philosophy was inspired by Abraham Maslow’s self-awareness framework and provides everything needed to transform students into focused and driven.

Stepping back to recognize the importance of actualization in education, helps teachers appreciate their role in the process. By applying the principles in this book, teachers will bring EVERY student closer to their best selves. Everyone can have more enjoyment and satisfaction in any classroom using these strategies. A recommended timeline and lesson plans are included to reach the most difficult students quickly.

Teachers deserve the title of All-Star Teacher and Ms. Peck honors their dedication to the pursuit of education. More than just a memoir, this is a new solution for the problem of high school dropouts and teacher resignations. The book, All-Star Teaching, is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle at ISBN:9798532821804.

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