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Category: Success Stories

Launching A Startup and Fighting Publishing Industry Giants

Big business failed these students. The process of teaching the masses is a giant challenge for our Department of Education reaching across 50 states and millions of students. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the United States has more than 24,000 public secondary schools alone. Just knowing that number gives you some perspective…
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Talking with Parents

A parent’s perspective is often foggy. As a high school teacher I focus my attention on the student and work to develop good relationships with each of them. It is always interesting when I get to meet their parents at “Back to School Night”, or during my introductory phone calls in September. Talking with parents…
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Smart Start Challenge Handbook

Why I Had To Help the Failing Freshmen

The Opening Bell is Ringing and I’m So Excited to Share My Idea I’ve been teaching for over 10 years and last summer I began creating something special for my struggling high school students. The problem I faced is the staggering number of incoming failing freshmen who are already 20% behind on making it to…
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Help Us Celebrate the Good

We want to recognize the good news and celebrate! Part of our mission is to celebrate and nurture the positive moments in education.  That is so true today as many graduates are missing their official ceremony this May or June.  We will be looking for every opportunity to congratulate and recognize those hardworking seniors who…
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