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Launching A Startup and Fighting Publishing Industry Giants

Big business failed these students. The process of teaching the masses is a giant challenge for our Department of Education reaching across 50 states and millions of students. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the United States has more than 24,000 public secondary schools alone. Just knowing that number gives you some perspective…
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Co-Teacher Guide published for the Smart Start Challenge

Media Release – Ms. Peck Publishes Co-Teacher Guide to Smart Start Challenge Handbook, Weekly Workshop Tickets Available (March 6, 2021) – The creator of the unique personal growth workout, the Smart Start Challenge, Ms. Kirsten Peck has published the Co-Teacher Guide to the Smart Start Challenge Handbook released in December 2020. Ask Ms. Peck is…
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Talking with Parents

A parent’s perspective is often foggy. As a high school teacher I focus my attention on the student and work to develop good relationships with each of them. It is always interesting when I get to meet their parents at “Back to School Night”, or during my introductory phone calls in September. Talking with parents…
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Healing Negative or Hurt Feelings

Starting the Healing Process When we begin asking the difficult questions and peel back the layers of emotions and troubling actions, we have to be honest with ourselves. When telling a personal story, it can be difficult to be critical of ourselves and responsible to our own actions, but that is an essential part of…
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