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Answers for Teens and Parents

Trauma-Informed Teaching

After spending my first three years working to turn around a failing middle school, I decided to specialize my teaching practice with a position at a juvenile justice nonprofit. They had secured an innovative program grant to open a new school facility for boys in 7-8th grade. It was a preventative model, a startup with…
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Is There A Teenage Mental Health Crisis?

It sounds funny but I have seen a lot after teaching over 1,000 students. Working with them 5 days a week for 180 days creates a level of “teenager expertise” after so many years in the classroom. But my perspective as a high school teacher is really based on my combined experiences as a teacher…
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Smart Start Challenge Handbook

Why I Had To Help the Failing Freshmen

The Opening Bell is Ringing and I’m So Excited to Share My Idea I’ve been teaching for over 10 years and last summer I began creating something special for my struggling high school students. The problem I faced is the staggering number of incoming failing freshmen who are already 20% behind on making it to…
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Changing the Name Shifts Focus

Attitude is everything for me and my passion for teaching directed me to the under-performing or unmotivated students. These students have ability, they lack motivation or resilience to bounce back from difficulties they have experienced. If they aren’t angry, they have probably given up. They are the students who fall into the under 20% demographic…
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Starting 3pm Homeroom!

Going live on Youtube and Facebook every day at 3pm! #smartstartchallenge — AskMsPeck (@AskMsPeck) September 30, 2020

Wisdom from the Internet

Even with an old fake story, the point is the truth. Some teachers do look deeper than the surface and help students find their hidden potential in life.


Building A Better World

Education is the way to build a better world. It seems like an obvious statement and yet millions of people around the world do not have access to an education. Personal growth is more than just learning out of schoolbooks, it includes the social and emotional needs.     KNOWLEDGE – facts, information, and skills acquired by…
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