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Wisdom from the Internet

Even with an old fake story, the point is the truth. Some teachers do look deeper than the surface and help students find their hidden potential in life.


Building A Better World

Education is the way to build a better world. It seems like an obvious statement and yet millions of people around the world do not have access to an education. Personal growth is more than just learning out of schoolbooks, it includes the social and emotional needs.     KNOWLEDGE – facts, information, and skills acquired by…
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Help Us Celebrate the Good

We want to recognize the good news and celebrate! Part of our mission is to celebrate and nurture the positive moments in education.  That is so true today as many graduates are missing their official ceremony this May or June.  We will be looking for every opportunity to congratulate and recognize those hardworking seniors who…
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Healing Negative or Hurt Feelings

Starting the Healing Process When we begin asking the difficult questions and peel back the layers of emotions and troubling actions, we have to be honest with ourselves. When telling a personal story, it can be difficult to be critical of ourselves and responsible to our own actions, but that is an essential part of…
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