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Co-Teacher Guide published for the Smart Start Challenge


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Ms. Peck Publishes Co-Teacher Guide to Smart Start Challenge Handbook,
Weekly Workshop Tickets Available

(March 6, 2021) – The creator of the unique personal growth workout, the Smart Start Challenge, Ms. Kirsten Peck has published the Co-Teacher Guide to the Smart Start Challenge Handbook released in December 2020. Ask Ms. Peck is happy to invite and empower teachers and youth group leaders to host the 31 days of brain training event for high school students. 

The new teacher’s edition of the Smart Start Challenge offers easy to follow directions and details the evidence-based philosophy of the program. The program disrupts negative thinking and teaches skills students need for success in high school and beyond. Hosting a local event will strengthen a student’s growth mindset and improve peer group dynamics. 

After years of working to close the achievement gap and revolting statistics about my incoming freshmen, I decided to put everything I know into this life-changing, 31-day event,” says Ms. Peck.

Working with various kinds of exercises, students become a better version of themselves in one month. The daily lessons are about real life and strengthen English Language Arts academic skills. Each activity aims at turning around under-achieving students, giving them a boost of confidence from their practice. The Smart Start Challenge is a motivational program, empowering students to discover their identity, improve study skills, and train their mind for success.

Ms. Peck has earned a reputation as a highly-effective and award winning high school English teacher. In her classroom, every student can become successful. There is an urgent need for a solution to increasing teen suicides and high school dropouts, this event is a revolutionary program. Ms. Peck put teaching on hold to create this life-changing event for her struggling students and now encourages other teachers and youth advocates to join in.

The Smart Start Challenge Co-Teacher Guide is available on Amazon. A special offer of the Co-Teacher Guide and 25 student Handbooks is available for $575 from the official website meant for parents and teachers.  Teens are invited to join the event at and test themselves for their best future.

Ms. Peck will be hosting the next Weekly Group Session ($5 for 5 sessions) starting Friday, March 12 at 4pm EST and Saturday, March 13 at Noon EST. Tickets and details can be obtained from her official websites and Facebook Events.


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