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Help Us Celebrate the Good

Answers for Teens and Parents

We want to recognize the good news and celebrate!

Part of our mission is to celebrate and nurture the positive moments in education.  That is so true today as many graduates are missing their official ceremony this May or June.  We will be looking for every opportunity to congratulate and recognize those hardworking seniors who are collecting their well earned diplomas.  We honk and wave at every yard signs recognizing a graduate of the 2020 class.  

We have to also recognize every accomplishment a student makes every step along those 12 years of schooling.  It is too easy to barely notice all the accomplishments every day of every week. We need to celebrate those times when a student works and studies for a vocabulary test, or that weekly current events report, or the daily math worksheets. 

Those little victories can make the difference for a struggling student. 

Ask Ms. Peck to help your student reach these milestones.  It is like when you line up the dominoes in a pattern and expect them to make an exciting splash.  If you place the dominoes too far apart, they can not reach other to build up the momentum that is needed to make the splash. Together, we can be sure your student has lots of dominoes and they’re all together in a row.

Ask Ms. Peck to help you find your victories.

Every student needs encouragement, let’s recognize the good work every chance we can!


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