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Join the Smart Start Challenge and
Win A Rewarding Future

31 Days of Brain Training for High School Students

The Smart Start Challenge is a personal growth workout – it is a new twist and solution to the problems many teenagers face. 

In Ms. Peck’s virtual classroom, it is possible to transform from under-achieving and unhappy to focused, motivated and happy in just one month. 

Join the Smart Start Challenge

The daily workouts are underway for students 12-16 to launch career and life dreams. With a little bit of reading and some critical thinking, students transform from bored or struggling to amazing.

Working with a teen life coach can be the first step toward a better life. Do not wait another day to set a course and make a workplan to accomplish every goal.  

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Coaching for Allstar Champions

When students start to fall behind with reading and math, destructive behaviors often follow. We get behind the test scores and focus on specific skill development to get back on tack with confidence and heading toward graduation.

Ms Peck will be your favorite teacher who can show you the way to success. This is the beginning of a whole new future, why not get started today?!

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Expert Guidance of a
FLA Certified Teacher

Ms. Peck holds multiple certifications and specializes in struggling middle school and high school students. 

She created the Smart Start Challenge to help students get past hurdles and racing toward a rewarding future.  

Are you ready to face the daily workout to overcome any and all challenges?


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Ms. Peck can help your student find their way to better learning and future. 
Every situation is unique and can be analyzed and resolved, sometimes it just takes an objective viewpoint.  You can Ask Ms. Peck to help you with the email form below.

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Info to Use from Ms. Peck

Ms. Peck is an author and public speaker who writes about a wide variety of issues teenagers face.  Keep up with her latest updates and resources by subscribing and watch your email for info to use.

Talking with Parents

A parent’s perspective is often foggy. As a high school teacher I focus my attention on the student and work to develop good relationships with each of them. It is[…]

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Co-Teacher Guide published for the Smart Start Challenge

Media Release – Ms. Peck Publishes Co-Teacher Guide to Smart Start Challenge Handbook, Weekly Workshop Tickets Available (March 6, 2021) – The creator of the unique personal growth workout, the[…]

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Trauma-Informed Teaching

After spending my first three years working to turn around a failing middle school, I decided to specialize my teaching practice with a position at a juvenile justice nonprofit. They[…]

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Student Success Stories

Don’t take our word for it – here’s a few of the lives Ms. Peck has coached toward a new direction:

That phone call from the Assistant Principal surprised me and I was too upset to know what to do.  Ms. Peck was able to establish what the problems really were that led to problems on the field.  She helped save his scholarships by talking with him so he understood what he needed to do to fix his problem.

Russell G.

Son kicked off football team at school

My daughter got very angry and quit going to school.  Ms. Peck worked with us and school counselors to get her to open up and report the bullying.  We didn’t know what was available without her insider info and everything worked out.

Kristina W.

Daughter upset over gossip and lies.

I was graduating without any idea what I was going to do, I was having too much fun to take school seriously.  Ms. Peck helped get me back on track, down the aisle and into graphic design school.  I know where I am going thanks to her guidance.

Olivia J.

Graduating without a plan