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Join the Smart Start Challenge and
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31 Days of Brain Training for High School Students

The Smart Start Challenge is a personal growth workout – it is a new twist and solution for many teen problems. 

In Ms. Peck’s virtual classroom, it is possible to transform from under-achieving and unhappy to focused and motivated in just one month. 

Achieve Greatness 

With a little reading and some critical thinking, teens transform from bored or struggling to amazing in 31 days.

Working with a life coach can be the first step toward a better life. Do not wait another day to set a course and make a workplan to accomplish every goal.  


Life Coaching for Teens

When students start to fall behind with academics, destructive behaviors often follow. Get past the test scores and focus on specific skill development to be on-track with confidence and heading toward graduation.

Ms. Peck will show you the way to success. This is the beginning of a whole new future, why not get started today?!

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All-Star Teaching

Ms. Peck honors dedication to the pursuit of education and recognizes the classroom accomplishments every day. Get the book and be more fulfilled in your teaching career, as an All-Star. 

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Parents – Teachers – Schools – Partners

The Smart Start Challenge benefits teens in so many ways, here are a few viewpoints to consider. Ms. Peck is here to work together and help struggling teenagers!


Get your son or daugther a life coach with this personalized program. In just 31 days, your teen will have a fresh outlook and new motivation for academic success.


Discover the unique teaching philosophy and increase your satisfaction at school. The positive psychology and standards based curriculum will have your students working quickly and easily.


Designed for MTSS/Tier 2+3 academic intervention and disguised as a fun event for students. This is perfect for SIP plans and PBIS activities – contact us for packages to implement or engage Ms. Peck for onsite events in Florida, or anywhere online.


When people work together, the impact is multiplied – this truth can transform communities. Consider sharing your resources for this unique teen event and maximize the influence of your philanthropy.

Join the
adventure to discover 
how great you can be!

Decide what time is best and get your seat reserved for an amazing 31 days, unlike anything you have ever experienced at school!


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Ms. Peck helps teenagers find their way to better learning and future life. 
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Info to Use from Ms. Peck

Ms. Peck is an author and public speaker who writes about a wide variety of issues teenagers face.  Keep up with her latest updates and resources by subscribing and watch your email for info to use.

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Expert Guidance of a
FLA Certified Teacher

Ms. Peck holds multiple certifications and specializes in struggling middle school and high school students. 

She created the Smart Start Challenge to help students get past hurdles and racing toward a rewarding future.